On this page, you can find out what is happening throughout the Virginia Conference of United Methodist Women. Just follow the links in the list at the left for the latest updates.

2021 UMW Conference Calendar

January 9, 2021         UMW Mission Team Meeting - Virtual/Zoom

January 18-22            VICPP/UM Week at the General Assembly - via Zoom

March 28                    UMW Executive Committee Meeting - Virtual/Zoom

May 15                       UMW Spiritual Life Retreat - Virtual/Zoom

June 5                        UMW Day at Ferrum College

June 18                      UMW Breakfast at Annual Conference 

Summer                     Mission Encounter - Virtual/Zoom

September 10-11       UMW Young Women's Retreat - Virtual/Zoom

October 2                  UMW Budget Meeting - Virtual/Zoom

October 22                UMW Executive Committee Mtg. – Virtual/Zoom

October 23                UMW 49th Annual Meeting - Virtual/Zoom


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