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Roanoke District Newsletter June 2018
Roanoke June 2018 Newsette.pdf
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2018 Roanoke District Officers


President                                                               Social Action

Phyllis Geoghegan                                                 Ann Seddon

540-382-1545                                                         540-774-3873                               



Vice-President                                                        Membership, Nurture & Outreach

Andree Brooks                                                         Shirley Brown




Secretary                                                                Program Resources

Louise Miller                                                            Ramona Tolley

540-343-7529                                                          540-992-3496                           



Treasurer                                                                 Communications

Helen Watson                                                          Cindy Martin

540-362-0027                                                       540-776-0993 (H)/540-989-3335 (wk)                                     



Education and Interpretation                               Nominations Chair

Bobbie Rust                                                             Carolyn Barnes

540-989-9139                                                          540-342-6067                                          






Roanoke District Newsletter March 2018
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Roanoke District Newsletter September 2017
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Roanoke District Newsletter June 2017
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Roanoke District UMW First Quarter 2017 Newsletter
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