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Stamps for Mission.

Saving postage stamps can benefit missions. Even common used postage can have value in bulk. The stamps will be sold and 100% of the proceeds will be given to UMW Pledge to Mission. Below are some tips if you, your church or your UMW unit would like to collect stamps for Mission. Also, there is a flyer you can add to newsletters or bulletins.

1. All stamps from just a few to entire collections, canceled or uncanceled are useful; old ones are extra good.

2. Trim paper around used stamps attached to envelopes leaving a ¼ inch paper border around the stamp OR you can turn in the whole envelope.

3.  If you have postcards, turn in the whole card; don’t cut or tear the stamp off the card!!


4.  Leave rows of stamps in tact.


5. For the best value, send trimmed cancelled stamps, envelopes or postcards with stamps, and any albums of stamps by hand to a Conference UMW event whenever possible.  Often district officers are willing to hand deliver them to a conference event, so you may want to take them to a district  event. Often mailing the stamps costs more than the worth of the stamps to missions. 

6. If you need to mail the stamps, use stamps, not a meter, for postage on the package and send to: Paul Thompson, 2117 Shade Tree St., Virginia Beach, VA 23456


Stamp Flyer for your newsletter or bulletin
The pdf can be included in a newsletter or bulletin. If the format does not fit your publication, try just copying the text on this page and pasting into your document so that you can format it as needed. (The photo can be reproduced. It is a photo by Mike Davis of actual stamps sold.)
Stamp flyer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [142.8 KB]
Stamp Photo
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